April 20, 2011

I want some fun, not just FOs!

Lately my knitting feels a lot like a to do or not do list. Don't buy any more yarn. Finish that old pair of socks. Finish all the other projects I started before I start something new. Don't use that new skein of yarn for stripes; find a project that will use more of it because it's a shame to use a full skein when all I need is a small amount of yarn. Make that sweater, because I bought the yarn for it.

All very sensible of course, but not very creative. Knitting is my hobby and I've made so many rules that it doesn't always feel fun any more. Obviously, it's good to have the motivation to actually finish some things and it would be nice if I don't fill every corner of my house with yarn. But something is missing. My Ravelry queue also hasn't been helpful lately. It's gotten so big that instead of feeling inspired, I just feel overwhelmed. All those beautiful patterns that I would love to knit, but how long would that take?


It's time for some fun knitting again! The first thing I did was order some yarn. Mooncalf wrote about Que Sera a while ago and reminded me of that beautiful pattern I really wanted to make when it first came out. The problem? It's cotton and would probably be more practical in cotton too. But knitting a whole cardigan with cotton would definitely hurt my wrists. So, I decided to wait, look for yarn I could use, maybe a cotton blend. I never made up my mind about the yarn though. I've now decided to make it in wool. I also chose a color I don't usually wear. The yarn is Malabrigo Rios in Sunset. It will be something different and I can't wait to start this project!

I also started a pair of socks yesterday. I was organizing my stash and saw two sock yarns that looked good together. So I cast on and made up a little pattern and I'm so happy with the result! The solid yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Ysolda Red and the variegated yarn is Claudia Handpainted Fingering in Tropicana. I think I'll write the pattern when I'm done and I'm already thinking of new color combinations. And if I use another full skein for stripes... well, it's my stash and I can do anything I want with it!

Has this ever happened to you? What do you do when you feel you're losing your inspiration and excitement about knitting?

new sock

Τον τελευταίο καιρό το πλέξιμο μου φαίνεται περισσότερο σαν μια λίστα με πράγματα να κάνω ή να μην κάνω. Να μην αγοράσω άλλα νήματα. Να τελειώσω εκείνες τις παλιές κάλτσες. Να τελειώσω και τα άλλα πλεκτά που ξεκίνησα. Να μην χρησιμοποιήσω το καινούριο νήμα για ρίγες, γιατί είναι κρίμα να χαλάσω την μπάλα όταν χρειάζομαι μόνο λίγο μαλλί. Να φτιάξω εκείνο το πουλόβερ, επειδή αγόρασα το νήμα για να το φτιάξω.

Πολύ λογικά όλα αυτά, αλλά δεν είναι πολύ δημιουργικά. Το πλέξιμο είναι το χόμπυ μου και έχω φτιάξει τόσους κανόνες που δεν μου φαίνεται πια τόσο διασκεδαστικό. Βέβαια, είναι καλό να υπάρχει ένα κίνητρο να τελειώσω μερικά πλεκτά. Και θα ήταν καλό να μην γεμίσω κάθε γωνία του σπιτιού με νήματα. Αλλά κάτι λείπει. Το Ravelry επίσης δεν με βοηθάει τώρα τελευταία. Έχω μια τεράστια λίστα με σχέδια που θέλω να πλέξω και αντί να νιώθω έμπνευση όταν τα κοιτάω, νιώθω απλά ότι είναι πολλά. Όλα αυτά τα όμορφα σχέδια, αλλά πόσο καιρό θα χρειαζόμουν να τα πλέξω όλα;

Είναι ώρα να ξανακάνω το πλέξιμο παιχνίδι! Το πρώτο πράγμα που έκανα ήταν να παραγγείλω μερικά νήματα. Η Mooncalf έγραψε πρόσφατα για το Que Sera και θυμήθηκα εκείνο το πανέμορφο ζακετάκι που ήθελα τόσο πολύ να φτιάξω όταν βγήκε. Το πρόβλημα; Είναι βαμβακερό και αν πλέξω τόσο πολύ με βαμβάκι θα πονέσουν τα χέρια μου σίγουρα. Οπότε περίμενα, κοιτούσα νήματα αλλά δεν μπορούσα να αποφασίσω. Τώρα όμως αποφάσισα να το πλέξω με μάλλινο νήμα. Διάλεξα και ένα χρώμα που δεν φοράω συνήθως, το Sunset από το Malabrigo Rios. Θα είναι κάτι διαφορετικό και ανυπομονώ πολύ να το ξεκινήσω!

Ξεκίνησα επίσης ένα ζευγάρι κάλτσες χθες. Τακτοποιούσα τα νήματά μου και είδα δύο που ταίριαζαν ωραία μεταξύ τους. Οπότε ξεκίνησα μια κάλτσα, με ένα σχέδιο που σκέφτηκα μόνη μου και είμαι πολύ ευχαριστημένη από το αποτέλεσμα. Το κόκκινο νήμα είναι Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock στο χρώμα Ysolda Red και το πολύχρωμο είναι Claudia Handpainted Fingering στο χρώμα Tropicana. Νομίζω ότι θα γράψω το σχέδιο όταν τελειώσω και ήδη σκέφτομαι άλλους συνδυασμούς χρωμάτων. Και αν χρησιμοποιήσω πάλι μια καινούρια μπάλα για ρίγες... δικά μου είναι τα νήματα και μπορώ να κάνω ότι θέλω!

Σας έχει συμβεί αυτό ποτέ; Τι κάνετε όταν χάνετε την έμπνευση και τον ενθουσιασμό για το πλέξιμο;


  1. Good post! I know exactly what you mean about imposing rules on yourself. I'm trying to destash and to finish up some projects. Your socks are lovely - the colours are joyous!

  2. I love the way those socks are turning out!

    At those times the will to knit deserts me I turn to sewing, crochet, baking, reading or planning future projects. My preference is always to make things but sometimes I could do with a break from crafting so I go on long walks or bike rides.
    Whatever I choose, I ensure I'm having fun cos to me that's what hobbies are about.

  3. I know how you feel. My knitting just seems so uninspired. Maybe a trip to the yarn store can help?

  4. Hi! Great combination of colors for your socks. I haven't been knitting very long really and so still don't feel too often that I've lost creativity, because each project is still kind of new. I knit alot of small things, like socks and 1 skein scarves, etc. Recently, that's felt a little stifling and I've really felt the need to move on to bigger things, though.

  5. oooh shall we knit-a-long? That might be fun? I'm hoping to start this weekend.

  6. I know what you mean. I feel guilty starting to many things and then they start to worry me because I haven't finished them. My Ravelry queue had also got too large so I have just been through and deleted loads. It was right down to about thirty but then I started adding all over again. Hopeless really.

  7. Egw otan mou sumbainei boutaw sta biblia kai xazevw patterns, i empneusi epanerxetai dioti thelw na teleiwsw auta pou exw gia na arxisw kati kainourgio.

  8. I feel the same way about my queue and WIPs as well at times. I have some projects taht have been on needles so long that I think I might have to frog them and restart because my tension has changed drastically!

    I can't wait to see you Que Sera. I have the yarn for one (I'm using Knit Picks CotLin for mine) but haven't started yet.

    Also, your socks are very pretty!

  9. yup, i've been there--with three slow-moving projects and a queue of more long-term commitments.

    my remedy is often distraction projects; mochimochi land's free tiny baby bunnies pattern is great example.

    love the colors you're using!

  10. When I feel that my knitting is lacking excitement, I do what you just did...cast on for a fun project using a cheerful, mood lifting yarn. I've been eyeing Que Sera for awhile, too. It's so pretty and looks like an interesting knit. Love the colors that you've chosen for your socks. They work really well with the design.

  11. You can do what YOU want concerning your knitting! It IS your hobby and it should satisfy YOU! Go ahead with what you need to get inspiration! There is no knitting or yarn police! As long as your beloved and your wallet and credit card are also happy, go what you need. There is no harm coming from lovely yarn or the next started project. :-)
    Hugs, Tina

  12. Sometimes that happens to me as well, but then I just take a break from knitting, blogging and Ravelry and get back when I feel like it.

    Funny, I also have 2 skeins of Malabrigo Rios in sunset, but I am planning on knitting Liesl out of those. It's my next project in line once I finish 2 current WIPs. :)

  13. So many amazing colors in this post! I think you have such a great eye.

    We seem to have similar intentions with knitting - I also end up making myself all these rules and such like, "Don't buy yarn / Knit only patterns from your queue / Focus on getting FOs" and then forget about all the fun I have when I'm simply knitting for knitting's sake. Sometimes it's good to be a rule breaker. :)

  14. I have been feeling the same way lately. Too many projects, not enough inclination or desire to make them :-(
    Loving the colours of your new socks