About me

Hello and welcome! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy it :)

I'm a knitter with way too much yarn and not enough time for my favorite hobby. Although really, can there ever be too much knitting?

I live in Thessaloniki; it's a city with a million people, a rich history and a beautiful view of the sea.

I recently started spinning, so I'm going to be writing about my learning experience with my new craft as well. Handspun yarn is so pretty and unique and I think it makes projects look very special. My ultimate spinning goal is to spin fingering weight yarn. It will probably take a while though. Bulky is easy, thin yarn is hard. I can't even imagine how much practise it takes to spin laceweight yarn!

I try to answers all the questions I get either by email or in the comments section here on the blog. If you have a Blogger profile, your email might not show up with your comment - if I can't reply directly, I'll reply on the blog. Sometimes though, I might miss something, so if I haven't answered in a few days, please don't hesitate to ask again! My email is listed on the blog and I would love to hear from you.

The question I get asked most of all is about yarn stores in Thessaloniki. If you're visiting the city and would like to do some souvenir yarn shopping or you lost a dpn and you need a new set for your vacation knitting, I'm very happy to help and give you the information you need ;)

If you want to use one of my pictures or anything else from my blog, please ask me first.