January 02, 2012

Happy new year!

I stayed up very very late on Saturday, sewing the buttons on my mother's vest. I'd love to say it's finished, but it seems that sewing at 3 o'clock in the morning means that maybe one or two or four of the buttons aren't exactly where they were supposed to be. Oh well, that's easy enough to fix, some other time. My mother doesn't plan on wearing the vest closed, so the buttons are more of a decoration anyway. The important thing is that it's finished (except for those buttons) and that my mother wore it yesterday for a family dinner. That was my goal and I made it so I'm happy!

We had a lovely time yesterday - we had great food and wine, it was a wonderful day. It's traditional in Greece to have a special cake/bread on New Year's day. The fun part is that there's a coin hidden in it and whoever gets it in their piece will have good luck for the new year. This year my mother got it; I got it last year. It's really fun when the coin is in between two pieces, then everyone decides which piece has the bigger part of the coin. There was no dispute over my mother's piece though, the coin was definitely hers. It's also funny when the coin falls right in the center of a large piece and for a while it seems like no one has it, and then everyone starts poking their piece of the cake to see if they got it!


My father getting ready to cut the cake // Ο πατέρας μου ετοιμάζεται να κόψει τη βασιλόπιτα

Ξενύχτησα το Σάββατο το βράδυ, ράβοντας τα κουμπιά στο γιλέκο της μαμάς μου. Θα ήθελα πολύ να πω ότι το γιλέκο είναι έτοιμο, αλλά το ράψιμο στις 3 το πρωί σημαίνει ότι ίσως ένα ή δύο ή τέσσερα από τα κουμπιά δεν είναι ακριβώς στη σωστή θέση. Δεν πειράζει, είναι εύκολο να το φτιάξω αυτό, κάποια άλλη φορά. Η μητέρα μου δεν θα φοράει το γιλέκο κλειστό, οπότε τα κουμπιά είναι πιο πολύ διακοσμητικά. Το σημαντικό είναι ότι το τελείωσα το γιλέκο (εκτός από αυτά τα κουμπιά) και η μητέρα μου το φόρεσε χθες. Αυτός ήταν ο στόχος μου και τα κατάφερα και είμαι πολύ ευτυχισμένη!

Περάσαμε πολύ ωραία χθες - ωραίο φαγητό και κρασί, ήταν υπέροχη μέρα. Κόψαμε φυσικά και βασιλόπιτα, το φλουρί το πήρε η μητέρα μου!


Wishing you all a wonderful, happy and creative new year!

Σας εύχομαι όλους να είναι η καινούρια χρονιά υπέροχη, ευτυχισμένη και δημιουργική!