September 16, 2010

Lost sock

Do you remember these socks? I had almost finished them and then it got hot and I didn't feel like knitting wool socks. I thought I would finally finish the pair, all I have left is to graft the toes on this one. The other one is finished.

The problem? I can't find the finished one! I've looked everywhere. I know socks get lost all the time, but this is ridiculous. I don't even have a completed pair yet and... I've lost a sock.

Have you ever lost anything before you finished a project? A sleeve perhaps or a mitten?


Θυμάστε αυτές τις κάλτσες; Τις είχα σχεδόν τελείωσει και μετά είχε πολύ ζέστη και δεν είχα όρεξη να πλέκω μάλλινες κάλτσες. Σκέφτηκα επιτέλους να τελειώσω το ζευγάρι, το μόνο που μου έμενε ήταν να κλείσω τα δάχτυλα στη μια. Η δεύτερη κάλτσα είναι έτοιμη.

Το πρόβλημα; Δεν μπορώ να βρω την άλλη κάλτσα! Έχω ψάξει παντού. Ξέρω ότι οι κάλτσες χάνονται, αλλά αυτό είναι γελοίο. Δεν έχω καν ολόκληρο ζευγάρι και έχω ήδη χάσει τη μια κάλτσα.

Έχετε χάσει ποτέ κάποιο κομμάτι από πλεκτό; Ένα μανίκι ίσως ή ένα γάντι;


  1. Does 'the will to live' count? Sometimes I fear losing my sanity before a project is complete :)

  2. Of course it counts!!! I've almost lost my sanity a few times when a project isn't working out ;)

  3. Well that sucks! I hope you find the missing sock soon!

  4. Einai adiko! Makari na brethei grigora i kaltsa sou.
    Apo tin alli, skeftomai ekeino to biblio tou Tom Robbins opou mia kaltsa, ena koutalaki kai kati allo akoma fevgoun gia volta apo mona tous... O titlos omos mou ksefevgei.


  5. That really sucks! I've never had that happen but I can just imagine how frustrated I'd be!!!

  6. How frustrating. I have never lost a sock before but I have lost the inclination to knit the second one! I hope you find it.

  7. did you look in the laundry room? maybe it snuck into the dryer to hang out with some other lost socks.

  8. Ειναι υπέροχο το μπλογκ σου!
    Έχεις σκεφτεί ποτέ να βάλεις και το σχέδιο για να διαφωτίσεις και κάποιον αρχάριο, που ξέρει μόνο να πλέκει ευθεία, άντε και να προσθαφαιρέσει κανα πόντο?? (ναι, για μένα μιλάω!)
    Ή να μας έδειχνες κάποια ωράια πλέξη εκτός απο καλή-ανάποδη-δαντέλα-κάλτσα-λάστιχο??
    Nα, ας πούμε, είδα αυτά και τρελάθηκα και ψάχνω να βρω πως μπορώ να τα φτιάξω.
    Ή αυτό, που θα το χεις δει...

  9. agh, that is heartbreaking! one of my knitty projects - the simple things shawlette - went missing a few months ago and i've searched high and low. i wish you better luck than i've had!

  10. I've never lost part of a knitted project, but one christmas I made my two baby nephews idenical jumpers as gifts and when I was sewng them up discovered I'd knit five sleeves instead of four.............I was so annoyed I almost wrapped the extra sleeve into one of the parcels................just in case......well you never know when you may need an extra sleeve....right!
    lovely blog, by the way,
    florrie x

  11. so did you ever find the missing sock?